Top Exhibitions In Dubai 2024

Dubai is well known for its vibrant exhibition scene, hosting plenty of top-tier events every year. From industry-specific events to international trade shows, let us explore the must-attend events that will show the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities across various sectors in the dynamic landscape of Dubai.

Let us explore the 2024 Dubai’s Exhibitions!

1. Gulfood 2024

Date: 19th February 2024 to 23rd February 2024
Location: Dubai, U.A.E., Middle East
Exhibits: The whole event will focus on Beverages, Dairy, Fats & Oil, Pulses & Grains, Meat & Poultry, World Foods, Health, Wellness & Free-from

2. 4TS 2024 – Top to Toe Transcatheter Solutions Conference: The name says it all!

Date: February 17, 2024 – February 18, 2024
Location: Real and online, Dubai, U.A.E., Middle East
Exhibits: This, one of the esteemed exhibitions in Dubai will help its audience to know everything related to Interventional Cardiology, Interventional Radiology, Neurology, Scientific Research, , Endocrinology, Nursing. Technology

3. Medlab Middle East 2024

Date: February 5th 2024 – February 8th 2024
Location: Real and online, Dubai, U.A.E., Middle East
Exhibits: Disposables, Imagining, Medical Equipment, Infrastructure, Pharma & Nutrition Healthcare & General Services, IT, Laboratory are the few things that one could find in this prestigious spot at the exhibitions in Dubai.

4. AEEDC Dubai 2024

Date: February 6, 2024 – February 8, 2024
Location: Dubai, U.A.E., Middle East
Exhibits: Abrasives, Abrasive Disks, Air Compressors, Alloys Precious & Non-Precious, Analgesia Equipment and Supplies, Bonding Agents, Bone Grafting Materials, Implants, Casting Machines, Cement, Composite Resins, Cosmetic Restorations, Crowns and/or Crown & Bridge Material, Curing Lights, Dental Hygiene Materials, Diagnostic Equipment, Disposable Products, Electro Surgical Equipment, Fiber Optic Illuminator Products, Fluoride Products (other than Dentifrice), Implants, Infection Control, Lasers, Periodontal Diagnostic Products, Pharmaceuticals, Plaque Control Products and Accessories, Porcelains Products and Accessories, Preventive Dentistry Products, Restorative Materials & Accessories, Saliva Ejectors, Surgical Supplies, Toothbrushes, Ultrasonic Equipment, X-Ray Films, X-Ray Machines will be discussed at this exhibitions in Dubai.

5. Dubai International Boat Show 2024

Date: February 28, 2024 – March 3, 2024
Location: Dubai, U.A.E., Middle East
Exhibits: Boats, Yachts, Related Diving and Aquatic Innovations and Products


Date: March 5, 2024 – March 7, 2024
Location: Dubai, U.A.E., Middle East
Exhibits: Machinery, Hardwood and softwood, building materials, laminates and boards, tools and spare parts.

7. AIME 2024 – Aircraft Interiors Middle East

Date: March 5th 2024 – March 6th 2024
Location: Dubai, U.A.E., Middle East
Exhibits: Cabin interiors, Cabin technologies, Cabin management systems, Flooring, Cleaning & Sanitization, Galley equipment, Hardware

8. MEE 2024 – Middle East Energy Dubai

Date: April 16, 2024 – April 18, 2024
Location: Dubai, U.A.E., Middle East
Exhibits: Everything here would be around Smart Solutions, Transmission & Distribution, Renewable & Clean Energy, Energy Consumption & Management, Backup Generators & Critical Power.

9. GISEC Global 2024

Date: April 23rd 2024 – April 25th 2024
Location: Dubai, U.A.E., Middle East
Exhibits: Applied Security, Cloud Security, Cryptography, Cyber Insurance, Data Forensics, Internet of Things, Malware, Network Defense, Ransomware, Security Development Lifecycle, Social Engineering, Cyber Audits, Data Security, Email Security

10. DOMOTEX Middle East 2024

Date: April 23rd 2024 to April 25th 2024
Location: Dubai, U.A.E., Middle East
Exhibits: Machine-made carpets, handmade carpets, wood flooring, bamboo/cork flooring, flooring technology, carpet technology, resilient flooring, sports flooring/WPC, etc.

11. GETEX 2024

Date: April 24th 2024 – April 26th 2024
Location: Dubai, U.A.E., Middle East
Exhibits: General Education, Residential Schools, Under-Graduate Education, Post-Graduate Education, Occupational & Industry Education, Professional Development & Continuing Education, Training, Student Counselling and Career Advisory

12. DFS 2024 – Dubai Fintech Summit

Date: May 6th 2024 – May 7th 2024
Location: Dubai, U.A.E., Middle East
Exhibits: Fintech, digital payments, banking, lending and credit, venture capital, financial wealth, big tech, insuretech, blockchain, crypto, cybersecurity, big data, cloud

13. CTW Global

Date: October 22, 2024 – October 23, 2024
Location: Dubai, U.A.E., Middle East
Exhibits: The whole Event would be around Finance & Banking, Arts & Culture, Supply chain & Logistics, Sustainability & Innovations, Professional & Business Services, Special Economic Zones, Digital Commerce, Artificial Intelligence

14. Beautyworld Middle East 2024

Date: October 28, 2024 – October 30, 2024
Location: Dubai, U.A.E., Middle East
Exhibits: This one will talk about everything that is more or less related to beauty!

Find your own comfortable topic like BeautyTech, Raw Materials & Contract Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), 3D Printing, Incense Sticks, DNA Analysis, Ingredient Transparency, Beauty Apps, AI Driven Skincare & Haircare Analyzers, Hair & Beauty Smart Devices, LED Masks, Natural & Organic Products Virtual Mirrors, Smart Make-Up & Tattoo Printer, Fragrance Compounds and Finished Fragrance, Cosmetics & Skincare, Personal C, re & Hygiene, Soaps, Toothpaste, Sanitary Products, Detergents, Hair, Nails & Salon Supplies, Shampoos & Conditioners, Labels, Packaging.


Dubai is getting strengthened in its position as a global hub for exhibitions and trade shows, the excitement for top events in 2024 is absolutely unmissable!
From technology and innovation to fashion, hospitality, and beyond, these exhibitions offer unmatched opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and business growth.
Stay tuned for updates on the top Exhibitions in Dubai 2024, and mark your calendars to ensure you don’t miss out on the exciting experiences and opportunities that await in the vibrant city of Dubai.

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