Modular Exhibition Stands

Revolutionize Your Exhibitions!


Bring on the Future of Exhibiting with our Modular Stands! Versatile, dynamic, and adaptable, these stands redefine display flexibility. Level up your brand presence effortlessly, whether big or small events. Dive into the next-gen exhibiting experience and transform your space into a magnetic showcase of innovation



For exhibitors with multiple shows across various locations, we offer warehousing services for exhibition booth stands. We can reinstall them according to your trade show calendar, ensuring convenience and efficiency.


Our rental exhibition booth stands are constructed from modular, reusable systems, minimizing environmental impact. They are eco-friendly, sustainable, and designed for long-term use.

Ready to Design

Modular exhibition booth stands come complete with everything you need and operate as a plug-and-play system. This saves exhibitors valuable time and resources during setup and dismantling.

Experienced & Skilled Team

Our experienced global exhibition management team ensures that your booth design aligns with your brand and budget. We prioritize timely delivery and fine finishes to meet your expectations.

Prompt & Professional Support

Our skilled craftsmen and technicians manage the entire process of installing and dismantling trade show booths. This ensures that the reality matches the initial design, providing exhibitors with prompt and professional support throughout the process.


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What Do We Do?

SOL Dubai is an exhibition stall design and a brading company that designs and builds large-format exhibition stands. We offer a wide selection of exhibition stands, inlcuding custom exhibition stands, portable displays, modular display stands for conferences and conventions, and promotions and activation kits. With offices in Asia, USA, and Europe, we can serve you anywhere in the world with complex exhibition stand designs to the activation and promotion display kits.

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